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HostingVip are the leaders in comparable lodging and design, with the feature of packaging accommodation plans from just 1 dollar a month, 24 support, reliable hardware, high speed Internet connections and thousands of customers worldwide. Now you can share our success by joining the HOSTINGVIP Partner Program. All you have to do is help spread the word by adding a banner or link from its website, you are paid a commission of 25% for each referral that is registered in an accommodation plan

We take care of all the service and support, you just sit and watch the money roll in! Our automated tracking system ensures that you will receive credit for all new customers that originate from your website.

If you have a high traffic site generating tens of thousands of pages views a day, or just try to stay on the net, HOSTINGVIP affiliate program is a great way to get hassle free income from your website.

Our affordable accommodation plans really sell for themselves over and over again, partner with HostingVip today, it’s free!

We make it easy, that’s how it works.
1. Existing customers HOSTINGVIP can join the Affiliate program here. If you are not an existing HOSTINGVIP customer then you will have to sign here. then click here. To activate your partner account
2. Add one of the banners with hostingVip links from your website that includes your partner ID.
3. Check progress and sales by entering here.
4. Order your Automatic Payment.

Hostingvip.info Affiliate Program Payments

Cost to the customer

Commission for 6 months

Commission for 12 months

Personal Plan

Advanced Plan
$3/M $4.50 $8.25

Professional Plan
$5/M $7.50 $13.75

Business Plan
$8/M $12.00 $22.00

HOSTINGVIP Partner Support Program

We look forward to working with you!

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Frequently Asked questions …

How does HOSTINGVIP Partner Program work?
It’s very simple! You make known our web hosting plans through banners or text links from your website or in emails. Every time someone clicks on a link and buys host web hosting you earn a 25% commission.

How much does it cost to become a HOSTINGVIP partner?
Joining the HOSTINGVIP affiliates is FREE! We put at your disposal all the resources and support you will need to start making money from your website.

How much money will I earn because it translates into a sale?
We pay you a commission of 25% of the fees paid by the customer refer.

Do you have special rates for high performance affiliates?
If you are willing to put in the effort, then we are more than happy to offer the extra customer and special performance-based incentives. If you already have a proven track record as a marketing affiliate, or as a successful referrer accommodation solutions, please contact us. Bonus Productivity! To reward hard working partners there is a bonus of $100 if you refer to 25 or more of enrollment in a month.

What support and resources do you offer affiliates?
We offer a wide range of banners and text links that constantly exploit performance, ensuring that you only have the advertising that is actually producing results!

We can also offer you personalized assistance to get the most out of the association. Do you need some content? Advice? or tips on marketing strategies? -We are here to help you!

Email partners with the latest information about special offers, new banners and the latest marketing strategies.

is the affiliation program for HOSTINGVIP open to people from all countries?
It is available worldwide, our web pages even show product prices in 17 major currencies.

Which Hostingvip page should I link to, what data need to be in the link code?
Link to the next page of your website, the XXXXX part must be a partner ID:

Changes? AFF = XXXXX Your partner ID assigned to the record (ie?) (Ref = 01234) and a “cookie” will be added to computer visitors who contain their identification partner so we know they were derivatives from their website, it’s as easy as that!

How do I get the sales?
Sales are still using cookies that expire after 3 months. So even if you refer to a HOSTINGVIP customer and not buy it right away, if you come back within 90 days, you are still credited by the sales commission!

Privacy Note: Our cookies do not collect personal data regarding the customers concerned.

How can I track the success of my affiliate account?
Enter the partner system here, you can see details of clicks and sales made by your referrals.

How do I get paid?
We pay affiliates every month if their commissions are U.S. dollars 50 years or more. If below the minimum amount of US $50, we will roll over your commissions the next month. Payment can be made in 3 ways.

1. PayPal, most trusted Internet third party payment provider.

2. Wester Union shipping fast and secure to all over the world.
2. International Bank Transfer (if you have more than $100)
3. Credit to your HOSTINGVIP web hosting account, you can use the credits to purchase HOSTINGVIP products or services.

Do I need to be a HOSTINGVIP customer to join the Partner Program?
No, our program is open to anyone interested in making some money from your website, if you are not a HOSTINGVIP customer anymore please join us from here, then, make login here

Where do I register as a HOSTINGVIP partner?
The registration page for existing customers is that here, it will only take a few minutes, you can start earning money as a HOSTINGVIP partner immediately.

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