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Are you interested to buy this domain

How To Buy Domain Through DigitalPoint Forum:
1. You must have an account at digitalpoint forum, if you don’t have yet, just create one, it’s free.
Register ->
2. Click “domain info : (Beta)” at above this page, or you can just go to this link ->
3. Click “Buy Now for $100” at that page.
4. After that a paypal link will show, click that link, then just input your paypal detail and login, then sent the payment.
5. After done, you can sent me your detail (Username or Email)
6. If you don’t have an account at yet, you can create one, it’s free. To create an account, just go to this link ->
7. I will transfer the domain into your account, it’s only take a few second after i push the domain, the domain will appear into your account.
8. If you have any question / Help just sent me message through PM.

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